Using Tech For Good: How Partnering With a BPO / Outsourcing Company Can Be A Perfect Addition

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Advancing technology has always spurred economic development, and now it’s accelerating even faster. In fact, “In the next decade, we will experience more progress than in the past 100 years”, says Peter Diamandis, Cofounder of Singularity University. Data science, advanced analytics, AI-enabled technology….these are just a few of the business buzzwords of a post-pandemic society, which is clearly on the move. What do they mean, how do they tie into a customer-centric world and exactly where can robust BPO (outsourcing) companies fit? Let’s take a look.


What exactly is data science? Simply put, it’s the field of study that combines domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of math and statistics to extract meaningful insight from data. This, in turn, generates insights which can translate into tangible business value. The data science process empowers better business decision-making and helps business stakeholders to build future roadmaps. And in case you’re thinking these processes are only for the Fortune 500, think again. More and more, SMBs are accessing these types of services to help coordinate, elevate and drive their activities. Across all industries including retail, consumer goods, energy, pharmaceuticals, finance and insurance (just to name a few), data science delivery systems are doing just that: delivering. One of the ways that these specialized “big data” processes can be used is to improve customer experience. Data science can collect an inventory of current customers, determine where your company stands with them, map and analyze customer profiles, put data into practice to appeal to customers, measure their satisfaction and adjust accordingly.


Which leads us to advanced analytics. Capturing customer data is one thing – interpreting it and extracting insights are quite another. One way of doing this is to have sales, marketing and service teams meticulously log customer interactions and share real-time insights via collaboration and messaging, for a unified and transparent view of customers across segments. At the end of the day, relying on analytics is the secret sauce for companies that believe in data-driven results over guesswork. This specialized type of data science also supports the tried and true 80-20 rule (80% of outcomes or outputs come from 20% of causes or inputs). In short, from a business perspective – identifying your strongest assets and using them efficiently can create maximum value.


And what about AI-enabled technology? Where does that fit into new-world consumerism? As a cutting-edge technology, AI can solve real-life problems and ties neatly into advanced analytics processes. Machine learning can be used to predict trends, and newly emerging AI-based software platforms like Software 2.0 are poised to offer next-generation customer experience, providing new ways to interact through digital channels and tailoring products based on preferences and data-driven research.


The common thread we are seeing throughout all of these advanced, consumer-based technologies is CX. Never has there been greater emphasis on elevating the customer experience. This is where an experienced BPO / outsourcing company can become part of your corporate strategy to take customer service to the next level – which is exactly where it needs to be in 2021 and beyond. At Anexa, we place “customer experience” at the forefront of all our customer-centric services. Our teams are hired for soft skills and trained to represent your business exactly as you would: putting your customer first.


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