Unlock Your Business Growth in 2022 with CX

As any business owner knows, navigating a drastically changed, pandemic-impacted economy is a challenge in and of itself before we factor in the constant need to drive business forward. Many companies are trying to identify areas where investments should be made. At no time in history has it been more important to focus on customer experience and its undeniable impact on the bottom line. When it comes to human interactions, quality trumps quantity.

According to 2022 reports, the pandemic did not produce more forgiving customers, as one might expect. If anything, they have higher expectations than ever and are much less willing to tolerate unsatisfying or frustrating experiences. Unfortunately, this dynamic is likely to be crystal clear to your customer service teams – those on the front lines of your consumer audience. Those with budget authority may be much less likely to have a good handle on the direct correlation between exemplary customer service and business growth – although it is a proven factor. Improved customer service has a positive impact on profits and improves customer retention. In a world where savvy customers spend their dollars with a service-first outlook, businesses that deliver above-average CX will outperform their competitors.

According to surveys, 54% of customers report that customer service feels like an afterthought from businesses where they shop. That’s not a statistic that lays the groundwork for success, and it indicates room for vast improvement. Putting customers at the very top of a company’s focus, in everything it does, needs to be recognized by the C-suite staff. Customers that feel seen and heard will bring their business back, and market your brand via reviews and word of mouth. And true customer service filters down to the smallest of exchanges over the extravagant displays and efforts to impress. Business processes need to be framed in a customer-centric way, and every step of the customer journey should reflect a commitment to CX.

It’s proven that customers are much more loyal to companies that make it easier to connect with them – a seamless experience is expected at every touchpoint. 73% of consumers expect to be able to start on any given channel and resume on a different one without having to start over or repeat themselves. Given those stats, it’s surprising indeed that only one-third of today’s businesses engage in omnichannel support. If your business is looking for higher engagement and greater customer loyalty, it’s time to get on board with omnichannel CX.

And while the desire for speed and convenience shape consumer expectations, they are no longer enough. Today’s customer wants a human, personal connection – an empathetic agent who is always “on” and can deliver a personalized, conversational experience. The stars of this highly competitive field have true “customer intelligence” and are recruited for their innate ability to understand people, relate to where they’re coming from, and troubleshoot issues. To access this level of specialized, CX support, look no further than one of the leading customer service outsourcing companies – Anexa.

Winner of multiple business awards in the customer service field, Anexa has assembled a rigorously vetted and skilled roster of CX specialists. These bilingual (English and Spanish) agents understand the critical importance of consistently delivering a great customer experience. Our customer service super-heroes provide knowledgeable, personalized service and solve problems quickly. And by recognizing that the human touch is intrinsically tied to success when it comes to the bottom line, they can elevate your brand and your business.

Reach out to us at Anexa to find out how we can improve all your customer interactions.