The Next Normal: The Only Constant is Change Itself

A two-year global pandemic flattened many economies and had the unexpected effect of transforming others. It raised many questions, like can productivity and efficiency be an integral part of the work-from-home model, and how can advanced technologies support seamless operations? And how can organizations advance their digital agendas and most importantly – learn to work within a constantly evolving environment?

The next normal in business sees shared-services morphing into global business services (GBS) – but whatever the level of operations – these organizations share the same concerns. Change is certain, and businesses are working hard to emerge stronger from the pandemic and be ready for whatever curves lie ahead. There is some good news: in research of nearly 50 GBS organizations, more than 90% report that they had successfully scaled up the remote-delivery model with no loss of productivity or harm to the customer experience.

So based on that encouraging data, it’s in the best interest of GBS organizations to analyze how they can continue to deliver outstanding value and exceptional CX, with new ways of working and transformation of end-to-end processes becoming the norm, rather than a one-off response to a global crisis. The pandemic truly tested the ability of GBS organizations to pivot and adapt. Let’s look at some of the challenges.

  • Most GBS organizations face a tsunami of data from new and developing platforms and digital processes, the Internet of Things, visual AI…the list goes on.
  • In addition, research shows that in advanced economies, 20 – 25% of the workforce can work from home between three and five days a week. That number is five times higher than pre-pandemic levels, and suggests a dramatic new model that requires a new approach from a human resources standpoint: how to instill self-starting behaviors, boost morale and productivity and design workflow that results in seamless operations?
  • As work from home and remote delivery become the new norm, organizations need to analyze their location strategy and address issues of cost and access to the right talent.
  • Automation has become a key focus for GBS, with research showing that by 2030 it will likely affect 60% of all jobs. It is estimated that more than 40% of jobs can be either partially or fully automated within the net decade. While this transition poses some significant challenges, it provides a great opportunity for GBS organizations to realize value by reducing the cost of ownership while funding innovation.

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