The New Normal for Lightweight Personal Vehicle Sales

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Lightweight vehicles, also called micromobility vehicles, are among many industries suffering the effects of COVID-19 on the U.S. economy. More businesses in this niche are turning to BPO outsourcing companies and call center companies in Florida, Texas, and California to encourage sustainability in the future.

With pandemic restrictions, including local lockdown measures in many states, ridership for small personal vehicles, such as motorized scooters and electric bicycles, has decreased significantly.

With fewer places to travel, and local mandates limiting outdoor activities, Americans have had less reason to get outside and participate in the activities they love. However, micromobility units have an advantage over other transportation modes.

The Ecommerce Advantage

Perhaps, one of the biggest obstacles for micromobility businesses is contactless service. Ecommerce is quickly becoming a normal sales channel for companies across a wide range of industries, including micromobility.

Like car sales, customers want to see and feel personal electric vehicles before they buy. Optimizing your ecommerce with help desk outsourcing companies, and Spanish-speaking call centers you can improve your customers’ online experiences and ensure everybody has equal access to the information they need about your products.

Having a streamlined ecommerce site is no longer an afterthought in the sales industry. Digital, hands-free retail is quickly becoming the new normal for micromobility brands, and companies around the world.

The Decline and Rise of E-bikes and Micromobility

Originally on an upward trajectory throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, E-bikes and other micrimobility vehicles have taken a hit because of concerns regarding:

  • Hygiene
  • Unnecessary travel
  • Fewer social gatherings
  • Working from home
  • Difficulties buying due to micromobility store closures

Now, with the initial fears of COVID-19 winding down, and Americans adopting an attitude to live with COVID, rather than avoid everyday activities because of the pandemic, more people are realizing the benefits of micromobility compared to other modes of transportation.

Advantages to small personal vehicle travel are:

  • Improved hygiene – Micrimobility vehicles are easier to clean and sanitize than cars and larger vehicles. If you operate a ride share business, scooters and e-bikes are still a hygienic option because they can be quickly sanitized for the next rider.
  • Contactless transportation – Single rider transportation like e-bikes, far surpass safety in terms of crowding and proximity of other passengers. Compared to public transit, and even carpooling, micrimobility products give customers the freedom to get where they need to go without contacting potential coronavirus carriers.
  • Green features – Electric vehicles benefit the environment by minimizing carb emissions, making them a popular choice.

The road to micromobility industry recovery is already building itself, but you can improve the success of your business by incorporating additional online services for customers and Anexa BPO can help.

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