The D2C Road Map: How Customer Service Outsourcing Companies Can Support the Journey

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Ecommerce exploded during the pandemic – online channels became the new normal of shopping and the saving grace for consumers. From groceries, personal care, and medications, to home improvement items, browsing took place online and packages piled up on doorsteps. D2C marketing had a lot to do with the pivot, with consumers coming to the realization that ecommerce came with tremendous advantages. In fact, the annual 8.8% growth rate of online channels clearly demonstrates the leap, as opposed to sales in traditional bricks and mortar stores growing by just 2.7%. As the pace of online sales growth continues, how can DTC retailers maintain their edge?

If the past 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that change is the only constant. The clear winners in making the shift to DTC will be those retailers that are able to keep their finger on the pulse of consumer behavior trends. Some of those that will likely outlast COVID, for example, are the exploding popularity of online channels across generations, the demand for a unified consumer shopping experience across multiple channels, and the acceptance of the subscription model.

Let’s break down some of these emerging consumer trends. With ecommerce pulling ahead as the shopping model of choice, it’s critically important to understand what drives consumers’ choices, in order to personalize customer experience – from discovery to purchase to post-purchase. Each customer needs to be engaged – with the right content – in a way that’s relevant and reflective of their priorities and preferences. This necessitates listening and responding to customer signals across the entire digital customer journey. In other words, no more “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to retail. Today’s savvy and sophisticated consumer expects a CX personalization strategy that provides a unique experience.

Leaving the cookie-cutter consumer model behind means replacing it with the development of endless customer profiles through the acquisition of first-party data. This can generate better product recommendations, targeted offers on the customers’ preferred channels, and personalized feedback. Gathering, analyzing, and acting on these consumer insights is critical to helping retailers understand their customers’ true intentions, thereby encouraging them to build stronger relationships with the brand. It’s a two-way value exchange. As the retailer, you gain the ability to deliver a better customer experience and enrich your marketing activities, while the customer gains useful information, assistance, and offers. The end-game of these efforts is to build quality engagement, and customer relationships that feel meaningful, personal and authentic. And the invaluable byproduct? These customers become your most passionate marketing team.

Much like the ecommerce sales model, customer service outsourcing companies have come a very long way. An award-winning veteran, Anexa is a leader in the competitive outsourcing industry. Our talented teams receive up-to-the-minute training on current CX trends, allowing them to authentically represent your brand with the clear goal of improving the customer’s experience and furthering brand loyalty. Anexa agents have the skill to operate through any service window/time zone, manage omnichannel activities with ease and provide impeccable bilingual (English / Spanish) services.