The Call Center – The Beating Heart of Customer Service

With customer experience being one of the most highly profiled and critical strategies in a post-pandemic business world, much attention is being given to the where, why and how of improving it. And when we consider that customer service is the beating heart of CX, it begs a closer look. One of the most basic elements of customer service would have to be the ‘Call Center’. Even though digital platforms have taken huge precedence to the extent that they truly shape the customer journey – nothing can replace the impact of human interaction – or the consumers’ need for it.

We know that customer service, when done properly, is the make-or-break component of business success. It generates trust, brand loyalty, repeat business, word-of-mouth advertising, peer reputation-building, and more. For many organizations, a call center is the backbone of their customer service strategy. There are some tried and true best practices that will guide you in assembling a stellar call center team. When considering that call center outsourcing companies can be valuable partners in building such a team, this list is an important part of your process in identifying the right outsourcing partner.

  • Tools: The call center team needs to have access to the best tools that can take customer service deeper and focus on customer experience.
  • Standard operating procedures: Be sure these are documented so that your reps have ready access to consistent information.
  • Call metrics: The customer service team should be monitored and measured on the basis of wait times, dropped calls, first call resolution and customer satisfaction.
  • The right reps: Be sure that your CX team has been hired for a great attitude in addition to exceptional skill and experience.
  • Avoid blame: Your reps need to be trained to find solutions (as in first contact resolution) and not finger-point or pass the buck.
  • Positive language: The best reps know how to use positive language to fulfill customer expectations and enhance the experience.
  • Etiquette: Ensure that your call center team has an unbreachable etiquette standard. Do they engage in active listening? Are empathy and understanding an undercurrent of the interaction? Do they ask permission before putting a customer on hold? At the end of the call, do they confirm that the customer is satisfied? It’s important to remember that “tone” is as critical as the words when dealing with frustrated or dissatisfied customers.
  • Training: In today’s highly charged CX landscape, customer service is an art and a skill unto itself. The pros have been highly trained and are able to respond flawlessly to any number of scenarios that might present themselves.
  • Customer surveys: Feedback from your customers can guide your call center process and allow for seamless adjustments.
  • Creative solutions: The best CX teams are credible and trustworthy enough to be empowered as the face of your business. Even though a customer service script is involved, be sure that there is an allowance for inventive solutions. Do your reps think outside the box?
  • Tailoring: Does the call center team authentically embody your brand in all its uniqueness? The problems facing your customers will be just as unique, and it’s critical that this is reflected in the voice of your call center.

Anexa is an award-winning business process outsourcing (BPO) company with twenty years of experience in the competitive call center market. We tick every box of the best practices list (above). Understanding the critical importance of meeting today’s customer expectations, we have curated a team of experienced, highly trained CX specialists. Because your customers have become your most important (and reliable) marketing tool, it makes more sense than ever to outsource your call center activities to a pro like Anexa.

Trusting Anexa to partner with your business by dedicating strategic resources to your CX processes, can leave you to steer operations at a higher level. Reach out today for more information on how we can help you meet your business objectives.