Teaming Up to Get It Right – A Customer Service Outsourcing Company Can Take You Further

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The days of customer service solely being accessed through a telephone number are gone. ‘Service’ has never been a more critical element of the customer journey – from the product exploration, comparisons, and reviews; to the initial interactions, right through post-purchase and beyond. Today’s brands and companies need to consistently exceed customers’ expectations, or risk losing out to the competition.

What exactly IS customer service? Simply put, it’s the assistance and guidance provided by a company to consumers before, during, and after they purchase products or services. It’s experience, it’s psychology, it’s information – as well as solutions, handholding, advice and going the extra mile…you get the idea. Research shows that there’s a direct correlation between satisfied customers, brand loyalty and revenue growth. Sounds simple, right?

Today’s customer service activities are confluent and ever-expanding. Whether it’s phone, email, social media, SMS, in-person, your own website or even snail mail, your customer service mandate needs to be integrated into every place you do business. No matter how attractive your product or pricing, research shows that service excellence is the driving force behind customer loyalty and business growth. And the terms that are interchangeable with customer service – customer support and customer care – actually bring their own specifics into the customer journey. Customer support generally means providing technical support to a customer after the purchase, and customer care literally refers to the long-term care of the customer beyond a one-time fix, providing a series of communications and actions designed to keep your customer satisfied.

So how can a customer service outsourcing company help you to step up your game in the increasingly sophisticated and specialized world of customer service? An established BPO / outsourcing company like Anexa, with skilled agents who are trained as brand representatives, can seamlessly elevate your customer service activities.

Our specialists understand that core service principles such as responsiveness, making sure the customer feels heard, positivity, and first contact resolution are part of each interaction they undertake on your behalf. As the face – or the voice – of your brand, our agents’ goals are to consistently go above and beyond when it comes to the quality of communication, technical competence, customer focus, customer resolution and accessibility. And the better you know your customer, and how they want to be treated, the better overall service Anexa teams can provide.

As a twenty-year veteran in the customer service outsourcing industry, Anexa follows the data. For example, more than half of consumers expect a response within an hour – even on weekends. Is this type of response currently built into your CX strategy? Additionally, 76% of consumers believe that companies should understand – or even anticipate – their expectations and needs. This means tailoring your CX to your audience in very specific ways – it’s the new reality of the white glove treatment – and you will likely need an experienced customer service partner like Anexa to truly deliver. Another interesting stat: 33% of consumers who end their relationship with a company, do so because the experience wasn’t personalized enough. 32% of customers will abandon a brand after just one bad experience. 43% of millennials contact customer service from a mobile device – so it’s no longer enough to have a website. It needs to be “mobile-friendly”.

We’ve only scratched the surface of the “customer service done right” debate. We could talk about how to better secure customer loyalty, brand ambassadors, upselling, cross-selling and more. The bottom line is that if you want to be operating in the rarefied strata of brands that are known for delivering “above and beyond” customer service – like pet giant Chewy, members-only Costco, or the gold standard burger chain Five Guys – you need to get this right. And from your customer’s perspective, you’re only going to get one shot.

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