Social Listening Reports + Customer Service Outsourcing Companies = Winning Combo

The customer experience – referred to as CX – has become one of the most critical principles in today’s business world. The customer’s journey must resonate with satisfaction in order to create repeat business and cement brand loyalty. Your brand’s reputation is more important to your customers now than it’s ever been before. Digital and social platforms have transformed the way that consumers interact with your business and communicate their experiences and expectations. This transformation of consumer behavior has created a culture of savvy shoppers who expect their purchasing journey to exceed anything previously experienced. So how do today’s businesses keep their finger on the consumer pulse? How do they monitor buyer feedback and act (not react) accordingly?

Social listening reports can assist and guide businesses through the fluid ecosystem of consumer feedback for insights into CX, and new opportunities to increase business value. These reports must go far beyond the collection of information however – they must allow for consistent organization and visualization of that information. The best CX solutions will generate incredibly detailed and comprehensive social listening reports, which in turn can suggest next actions and best practices. When insight becomes action, value is created.

A Unified Customer Experience Management (Unified-CXM) platform can become one of your most potent business tools by unlocking the power of AI to guide business decisions. These platforms will sort and defragment customer data, enabling it to reach the right decision-maker in an actionable form, which in turn allows you to capitalize on real-time trends and stay ahead of the curve on rapidly changing customer expectations. Social monitoring dashboards give you an ear to the ground on consumer conversations going viral in the marketplace. Accessing customer data at such a granular level can allow you to focus on specific topics, verticals or geographies to tailor your brand even closer to your customers’ expectations.

Another advantage of the Unified-CXM platform is the information-sharing component that it provides for all internal teams that touch the customer journey. This allows them to take meaningful, collaborative steps toward value. Every customer-facing team member can be provided with a clear view of the stories, messages, marketing campaigns and features to build from and enrich CX. An AI-driven Unified-CXM platform can set businesses up to lead proactively and predictively, instead of simply reacting to shifting consumer behaviors.

Utilizing social listening reports at this level can keep a business in the driver’s seat, fully able to recognize – and even anticipate – brand sentiment. When you are able to hear the voice of your customer, you are provided with the visibility to avoid reputational harm, and fully customize your services and products to meet the specific needs of your customer. Businesses that utilize customer service outsourcing companies can further enrich their CX activities. A twenty-year veteran in the constantly evolving consumer-driven world, Anexa can provide specialized teams of customer experience specialists, supporting your goal of knowing your customer the way you need to in 2022.

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