SERVICE Is at the Heart of All Successful E-Commerce – How Customer Service Outsourcing Companies Can Help

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It’s true: one bad interaction can ruin a customer’s experience and may cause them to take their business elsewhere, and post bad reviews or comments about your company. A customer lost may never be regained – and more importantly, could cause you to lose others. This is especially true of e-commerce, where the customer journey is a self-led experience. In a brick-and-mortar setting, customers can engage with multiple staff, ask questions and examine products. The e-commerce experience has its own appeal, however – a fact that seems to be supported by the explosive growth of online sales platforms. In the e-commerce world, customers can shop when they want, where they want, and as casually (or formally) as they wish. This is shopping on their terms. But when there are questions or issues such as product information, shipping or making a return – they turn to customer service. And this online customer experience needs to exceed expectations.

What makes for great e-commerce CX?

  • Your site needs to be user-friendly, so the customer can intuitively manage the process.
  • The omnichannel approach has never been more critical – when we say “be where your customers are”, that means that you need to be EVERYWHERE. Customers should be able to reach out via their preferred channel, whether that’s live chat, email, telephone, or social media – and receive seamless service.
  • Your online store needs to be interactive on a 24/7 basis and contain strong self-service content so that customers feel consistently supported.
  • Pleasant, personable, and helpful always win the day: whether your customer is speaking with one of your reps or reading through your FAQ page, the experience should be transparent, positive and reflect your brand’s values

What we know today about customer service is that it’s the biggest driver of customer loyalty. An exceptional CX business mandate can drive loyalty and increase sales. In fact, 75% of organizations connect higher customer satisfaction with revenue growth. So whether it’s customer engagement before, during or after purchase, what are the hallmarks of great customer service?

To answer that question, look no further than some of the leading customer service outsourcing companies. And that’s where partnering with one of the best can really enhance the consumer’s purchasing journey. Winner of multiple business awards in the customer service field, Anexa has carefully assembled a skilled roster of CX specialists. These bilingual (English and Spanish) agents understand the critical importance of consistently delivering a great customer experience. Our customer service super-heroes provide knowledgeable, personalized service (telepathy) and solve problems quickly (super speed). Let’s put it this way: consider how many times you have reached out to a customer service center over the past year. How many times have you waited for a representative to answer your question, concern, or simply help you track an order? You’ve lost track, right. But certain experiences (such as unpleasant, frustrating or unproductive customer service interactions) can leave an indelible memory – something that Anexa CX specialists strive to avoid. They understand that “service” is a bona fide sales tool. And by recognizing that service is intrinsically tied to success when it comes to e-commerce platforms, you can pull ahead by partnering with Anexa.

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