Service in Spanish – Customer-Facing Departments and Language Diversity

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What does superb customer care mean to you? Everyone has their own definition – some believe the key to customer service is patience and a friendly demeanour, some say convenience, some insist that product and service knowledge is of great importance – and some would claim that language diversity and seamless communication (i.e. customer service in Spanish) is what matters most. Ultimately, we at Anexa believe that a combination of the above is what truly enhances the customer experience. But language diversity in particular, is where some companies are maintaining an edge on their competition and a hold on their customer base. But why is customer service and outreach in Spanish of such high significance to a business and its consumers?


There are so many ways of connecting with customers today. But the advancement of online support, specifically, has catapulted the customer service industry to new heights in terms of accessibility – it’s safe to say that the sheer volume of customer-company interactions has increased since the inception of online service. However, nothing can replace the value of interactions in your customers’ first language, which is why it’s important to always keep an eye on your business’ target demographics and existing customer base. And it’s worth mentioning that there are advantages to offering service in Spanish even if Hispanic customers do not make up the primary piece of your consumer pool.


If your business is based in the United States, you should have Spanish-proficient teams in all customer-facing departments. This includes customer care / call centers / help desk services, as well as outreach activities such as telemarketing.


Today, there are over 330 million people residing in the US, and of those people, approximately 60 million are Hispanic. It is estimated that by 2030, the number of US Hispanic residents will increase to approximately 75 million. That is a huge subset of customers potentially requiring or preferring service in Spanish.


The Role of Customer Service 

Customer service has many names: call center services, customer support/care, help desk services, online support – but they all have one thing in common – the customer. Customer Experience is a hot button topic in our consumer-centric society, with the needs of the customer outranking every other area in a business. After all, without your customers, you are just a dying business. And when it comes to customer service, the competition is fierce. Every company that follows the golden rule of “the customer is always right” will ultimately reap the rewards of adopting this mantra.


Quality customer service demands exceedingly capable company representatives who are trained to assist customers in all things relating to the product or services offered by that business. This assistance might come in the form of answering queries, troubleshooting product/service issues, assisting in the completion of a purchase or offering incentives for customers to remain loyal. But it’s important to note that these representatives aren’t always met with satisfied customers, and it is therefore hugely beneficial to ensure they are properly equipped with all the necessary tools that make for a positive experience and outcome. One of the most valuable tools a company can acquire is the ability to offer service in Spanish.


Customer Outreach  

There are several branches of customer outreach, and while they all have their unique advantages, telemarketing is one tactic that holds its own as a longstanding and effective practice in reaching as well as connecting with consumers.


Skilled telemarketing agents are experts in their ability to establish and maintain relationships with clients through genuine care, adaptable personalities and exceptional instincts. These extroverted individuals seek out potential and existing customers, and follow various methods of selling / promoting products and services. This is particularly useful when a company releases a new or upgraded product, or wishes to expand their customer base with existing products through deals and promotions. As relationships with clients can sometimes be fragile, it’s important to have telemarketing agents who are practiced in the art of sales.


Customer outreach doesn’t begin and end with talented salespeople, however. If any portion of your target demographic is Hispanic, telemarketing in Spanish is an absolute must.


The Communication Barrier – A Customer Loyalty Killer 

It is well established that solid and fluid communication between companies and their customers is vital, but the impact of one negative experience is more damaging than you might think.


If an existing customer is either approached by a telemarketing agent, or on the flipside, connects with a company’s customer support team for assistance, they expect an uncomplicated interaction, and one that doesn’t take up more time in their day than they can afford to give. If they are met with misinterpretation that is often associated with the ever-exhausting communication barrier, they are much more likely to forego a purchase or take their business elsewhere.


The Solution: Multilingual BPO Companies

If your business is entirely made up of English-speaking, customer-facing teams, the process of recruiting customer experience experts who happen to be fluent in Spanish will seem daunting – that’s where BPO companies like Anexa can take the reins.


Our expansive network of customer-facing professionals are fluent in both Spanish and English, and allow you to eliminate the need for multiple teams within a single department. We have agents at the ready to meet customers where they are, and give them a full picture of what your business is about as well as how it can fulfill their needs. Our teams are adept in customer retention, growth and satisfaction. Whether it’s telemarketing, online support or call center services, our solutions are easily customizable, saving you money while nurturing your most important relationships – your customers.


Contact us to learn more about the impact of language diversity and how it can help your business to stay in the game.