Outsourcing Your Help Desk for a Personalized Customer Experience

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It’s a fact. The bar has been set higher than ever, and today’s sophisticated consumer has come to expect a highly personalized buying experience. More than ever, retailers and brands need to differentiate themselves by creating unique experiences in order to drive up customer loyalty and the top line. Exactly what does that look like?


Since the onset of COVID-19, the digital marketplace has never been hotter. Initially, consumers were driven online as a result of business closures and pandemic-related restrictions, shifting many of their purchasing processes involving banking, health, home improvements, fashion and beauty industries. A year and a half later, new transaction models have been forged and are here to stay. Consumers are experiencing a host of benefits associated with the transition from brick and mortar to online consumerism, including:


Convenience – No longer do we have to spend precious time and hard-earned money trudging from store to store, only to have to carry products home or set up frequently complicated deliveries.

Safety – Although all indications are that COVID-19 is on the wane, many would still rather not risk exposure in retail settings when the same activities can be performed from the comfort of their homes.

Selection – In the online marketplace, variety / selection is king – and a single keystroke can provide unparalleled diversity and pricing options.

Personalization – here’s where it gets interesting: through the use of transaction engines, personalization engines, mobile apps and other tools, the digital purchase model has evolved into a highly personalized customer experience. And the truth of the matter is that personalization programs deliver more engaged customers, yielding 20% higher customer satisfaction and a 10 to 15% boost in sales conversion rates.


And here’s where outsourcing your help desk (and other customer-facing departments) can bring your business into play in a big, big way. Ultimately, business process outsourcing provides a profitable and results-based approach to personalizing the customer experience within your organization. During a period where in-house staffing operations have reached an all-time low as a result of COVID-19, Anexa – a BPO outsourcing industry leader – has a carefully curated pool of talented, technology-savvy agents who have been trained to recognize that ‘one-size-fits-all’ is an outdated, ineffective customer service model. These customer-centric specialists support the concept of reaching the right person at the right time on behalf of your company.


Much like the online pioneer Amazon, we support innovative and forward-thinking solutions when striving to personalize the customer experience. We endorse and manage campaigns including brand awareness, multi-dimensional data collection, loyalty points programs, customer offers and more. Partnering with Anexa by outsourcing your help desk and various customer service departments will place you at the forefront of the personalization movement.


Identifying your most loyal customers can often be a great starting point – targeting those “regular” shoppers generates a return on investment THREE TIMES higher than mass promotions, which in turn delivers more relevant, multi-dimensional data on your customer base. This allows your company to make innovative offers to individual customers (again, as Amazon does). Considering that only 23% of consumers today believe that retailers are doing a good job at personalizing the customer experience, this needs to become a strategic priority for businesses.


To learn more about how Anexa can help to personalize the customer experiences originating at your help desk and related customer-facing departments, contact us today.