Outsourcing Companies and What Makes a Great Customer Service Team

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There are various factors which may have considerable influence on the success and longevity of a business. Sometimes it’s access and convenience – other times it’s just a fantastic product that is completely in its own league. However, if a company is trying to get a leg-up on its competitors with a product that is far from unique, sometimes the biggest weapon at its disposal is a first-class customer service team. You may think something like this couldn’t possibly make a noticeable difference when it comes to your profit margins. However, studies show that in most cases, customer service can make or break a business. If you want to set yourself apart as a brand, consider moving this department to the top of your priority list.


There are a couple of ways to achieve stellar customer service. A thorough and lengthy hiring or retraining process may be necessary, which includes costly recruitment of experienced personnel. Unsurprisingly, this can be extremely arduous and time-consuming. As it is rarely inexpensive to put together a large team of people to fill an entire department, many companies opt for a BPO (outsourcing) company. An outsourcing company is well-equipped with the best and latest technology, top training and a full staff of skilled customer support agents – making BPO an extremely popular choice among companies of all sizes and structures.


Companies with reputations for having above-average customer service are more talked about and able to expand their audience reach at a faster rate. When developing your customer service department, it is important to enlist a team that ticks all the boxes. Agents must be easily accessible to customers, genuine, accommodating and honestly believe in the company they’re speaking on behalf of. Most importantly, they must truly care about providing a positive experience. These qualified representatives should be skilled at handling a wide range of hypothetical customer support scenarios – and not just the good ones.


In the age of online reviews, it’s crucial that companies align their brand with a set of morals and values which represent inclusivity, helpfulness, transparency and genuine care for their customers. This means ensuring that problem resolution, above all else, takes precedence. As well, above-average customer service demands fluid, helpful communication that all customers have access to. This is fulfilled by implementing multilingual support – something many companies still lack. When businesses do not offer multilingual support staff, it is usually because their budgets don’t allow for additional representatives of multilingual capabilities. In the long run, this can be very damaging to a business – especially one that is marketing to an area with a large population of linguistically diverse residents. For example, a company based in (or marketing to) California would find it difficult to reach success if it did not provide customer service in Spanish as well as English. This is another reason for businesses to seek out BPO companies with multilingual capabilities.


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