Omnichannel Strategies Lead the Retail Charge

Savvy retail brands can drive retention, loyalty and profits with the right tech stack, omnichannel strategies and a customer-centric focus.

The only thing predictable about customer expectations is change. Customers will continue redefining the value proposition as many trends emerge. For example, young shoppers display a preference to shop from brands that share personal values – even if they cost more. This might involve the use of sustainable business practices, materials that create an earth-positive future, green spaces…the list goes on.


The point is that shopping trends constantly evolve, become priorities, and characterize the retail model. This makes it increasingly difficult for retailers dealing with skyrocketing overheads and ruthless competitors – and let’s not forget the highly discerning customer base that demands more engaging experiences. What’s a retailer to do? In a word: omnichannel. Again, there are some emerging omnichannel trends in the retail landscape that keep customers coming back.


Phygital marketing – or the merging of digital and physical – is creating a potent experience for consumers who like to change it up between online and brick-and-mortar shopping. These sophisticated customers demand options. Brands can deliver by focusing on the convenience and flexibility of online shopping and combining it with the personalized, human interaction that in-store shopping provides – in other words, the best of both worlds.


Recognizing that customer attention spans continue to shrink in the retail landscape while choices abound can inform a retailer’s strategy. Providing seamless omnichannel experiences can retain customers’ attention and outpace the competition. Studies show that today’s customers typically interact with brands of their choice across six touchpoints prior to purchase. This data introduces new selling platforms like TikTok and gives retailers the opportunity to deliver an incredibly seamless, transparent experience while meeting customers where they want to engage.


In addition, smart retailers are putting a strong emphasis on the management of customer, sales and product data to develop comprehensive customer profiles. Any process that can provide insight into a customer’s wants, needs and motivations is incredibly valuable – that’s what is required to create personalized and compelling experiences that drive sales and cement brand loyalty.


Leaders are also acknowledging that trends will continue to shape the future of retail, and the best brands need to stay abreast of them – and even predict what their audience expects. This means keeping the customer at the center of everything. Consumers make small daily decisions that collectively impact brands’ success. Relevance – and maintaining relevance – matters.


Practising business agility and unlocking e-commerce architecture are big challenges. This is where partnering with one of the leading customer service outsourcing companies can be part of a winning approach. With twenty years of experience, Anexa specializes in personalized, omnichannel solutions while meeting your business goals. Our collaborative approach will allow us to represent your brand in the most authentic way possible, with the understanding that exceptional customer experience drives loyalty and is a prominent feature of all future-ready organizations.


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