Nothing Beats the Human Voice When It Comes To CX

In a digital world – and especially in a pandemic-affected world – the human voice resonates more than ever, especially when considering how it affects a high-quality customer experience. With consumers engaging in the customer journey via SMS, website, chats and social media, identifying their reason for initiating contact has become vital for any customer-facing operation. The omnichannel model is driving the development of the customer-provider interface. And with the focus on customer experience, today’s business leaders are not only having to evolve their service model but manage increasing amounts of data, as transactions migrate from in-person channels. That said, many businesses still struggle to capture and analyze voice conversations. In 2022, these interactions still represent the majority of incoming volume and that is a compelling and important model.

So what do organizations look at when attempting to understand the direct voice of their customer? First, they follow random, manual call-sampling methods, which provides an incomplete picture. Second, many organizations work with legacy processing systems that transcribe speech to text, but with a limited amount of accuracy which compromises the efficacy of the insights. Third, even when organizations accurately transcribe voice conversations, the outcome can be poorly interpreted with minimal bottom-line impact.

However, with the improvement of digital tools, language processing capabilities in addition to enriched human analytics and capabilities will contribute to businesses’ ability to improve their customer experience. Speech data can provide customer insights that simply aren’t available from other sources, and can be a powerful tool in identifying the reasons for customer dissatisfaction. With these identifiable causes, opportunities can be captured to improve the agent performance as well as the customer experience.

Here’s where a leading BPO outsourcing company like award-winning Anexa can truly make a difference. The performance of your call center can be a real roadblock when it comes to understanding voice data, for a number of reasons. Often your company may not have the resources and staffing available to identify what skills need support, where coaching is a requisite, and what services / products your incoming calls might target. With speech analytics to “diagnose” your weak spots, partnering with a call center specialist like Anexa can sharpen your edge. In fact, outsourcing can be a secret weapon in a business environment that has become increasingly competitive, crowded and strategic. Particularly in the customer service field, CX has become a “long game”. Incorporating a robust suite of customer-centric outsourced services – including your call center, can make a difference in your company’s ability to elevate customer experience.

With a successful track record spanning twenty years, Anexa has emerged as the preferred customer service outsourcing company for American firms. We provide customized cloud software services to include VOIP administration, ACD inbound/outbound, SMS campaigns, call recording, dialer administrations (predictive and progressive), telespot campaigns, reporting, CRM and IVR. Specializing in bilingual services (English and Spanish), our skilled teams of agents take CX to the next level with a commitment to support your business processes as we would our own. Anexa can provide your company with the opportunity to create and sustain meaningful customer relationships that drive your brand, while allowing you to focus on the core activities that strengthen your operations.

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