Mejor Estrategia Omnicanal Multicanal IMT

The National Excellence Award in the company-client relationship and contact centers is the maximum recognition to the strategy and administration of companies, institutions and/or areas of interaction with clients, distinguished by their excellence and by the way of Seize their opportunities.

The purpose of the award is to recognize these initiatives and efforts, which have impacted in a favorable way in the results of the operation, customer service, technology, human resources or in the positioning in the industry through the Implementation of innovative projects that become an example of management at national and international level.

Category 9: Best multi-channel Omni-channel strategy

Category Objective:


Recognizes those strategies of “information technologies” related to the development, optimization, incorporation and use of technological solutions, which impact, in an outstanding way, in the operation, innovation, satisfaction of the Customers/users, increased competitiveness and business results.

1. General information of the Organization

Trade name: Anexa
Company Name: Anexa Telecomunicaciones SA DE CV


We are a company with 20 years of experience in the market of Call Center, always presenting solutions to satisfy the need of our clients.

VISION: To be the best alternative of Call Center in Latin America, through the development of the highly trained human resource, as well as the development of technological platform, in order to satisfy our clients in an ethical and socially responsible way.

Mission: To ensure the permanence of our national and international clients, offering the best cost-benefit option in customer service, sales, information capture, software development and advanced marketing.

2. Case information

Since 2016 our client decided to launch customer service via CHAT, however, its growth was stagnant due to the management of internal priorities. It is in 2018 when our client observes a great demand growth, which forced to improve the productivity, profitability and quality of the services (NPS) of this channel.

The market began to demand real solutions very fast in this way, so our system development department was given to the task of developing the application, able to efficiently meet the demand, developing the application to attend from One up to multiple sessions simultaneously, as well as the ability to auto respond recurring topics and measure the NPS.

3. Strategy

Description of the project

This is a service provided via chat to customer service users. This service was started in 2016 with low priority, so its development was stagnant. On the other hand, market demand (Millennials) began to grow in an accelerated manner, forcing them to create solutions that substantially improve the quality of service and, at the same time, help to develop the channel and be a real alternative , capable of attending the services that are given today by telephone.


Objective of the project

Improve the quality of the services offered by means of chat, with the condition of increasing the productivity and profitability of the channel (lowering costs). At the same time the client requested to improve the quality of the interactions (NPS), seeking to solve in a single contact the doubts or requests of the client, avoiding at any cost that the client required of some other means to continue his attention. It was not a question of replacing telephone attention, but of representing a real alternative of care with the same level of satisfaction and resolution.


Project implementation and development

The strategy used:

Developed a CHAT application, which was installed on the client’s website, to improve its productivity in 2018 we returned it multi sessions (up to 3 sessions simultaneous by agent of startup), what input made very profitable to Channel, as a single agent is servicing.

Additionally, the following actions were carried out:
  • Development of the NPS application to have the result in real time, being able to modify the scripts and processes in line, correcting the error in the next contact with client.
  • Segmented by formalities and by consultants with more areas of opportunity.
  • Follow-up and progress per week, based on the reports generated by the application.
  • Focus on the total number of surveys answered that the application also reports.
  • Training and constant feedback to the agents.
  • Improvement of the working environment, installing a competition scheme between agents and groups.
  • Customer feedback of products and services with greater opportunity areas.


4. Results

Selected performance indicators, obtained before and after the project:


Indicator Initial Goals or objectives Current Benefits
NPS 57% 67% 69% Increases loyalty Our client because it finds satisfaction of its clients and guarantees the fulfillment of contractually required
Service level 95.9 90 96.28 We maintained the service levels, regardless of the changes made
Productivity 76.16 75 81.64 Increases effectiveness
Effectiveness 97.26 90 97.52 We are more profitable for our customer being your best choice
Rotation 35.42% 13% 9.30% Lower costs and improved customer experience
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A significant improvement in the operation of the tool, together with its reports and new functionalities, helped in a short period of time the quality, measured by the Net promoter Scoring (NPS), was the driver of profitable growth and quality that sought the Client and demanded the market.

Customer needs were met above the minimum required, as shown in NPS numbers, from 54 to 69 points (2 points above the customer’s goal), thus giving our customer satisfaction and instead , your customers.

The channel has grown exponentially, as we went from 40 advisors to 160, and all working in multi session mode.

Regarding testimonials, because of company policy, our client chose not to provide them, being one of the largest companies in the country.

What competitive advantages and benefits has this additional project generated for the fulfillment of the initial objectives?


The development of the real-time application of NPS provided the guidelines, not only to know, but to correct in real time our areas of opportunity, which opens our way to apply different strategies of follow-up and coaching. Today we execute in our daily actions plan the improvement actions that the client asks for.

We reached the target in a short time as the market demanded, which gave us the opportunity to grow from a workforce of 40 consultants to 160, and to have 17 average stations increased to an average of 65.

Since we started the CHAT promotion in companies, very few have really managed to make it a real channel of attention, beyond that of channeling requests or mere information.

Today our solution helped to significantly expand attention through this channel, ensuring that the user has the same experiences as traditional channels. It is also a fact that the user of the CHAT has a different profile to the phone and the face, so that by improving services by this means, we have been able to connect with good results with the typical market of this tool.

We are sure that the channel does not move to the phone, but now gives adequate experiences and precise answers to this market segment. We on our part guarantee productivity and profitability for the contracting customer of this service.