How To Make Customer Satisfaction Your KPI – Enter Technology & BPO / Outsourcing Companies

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Remember that tried and true little saying, “The customer is always right”? Coined by Harry Gordon Selfridge of the famed London department store, at the time it was seen as significant innovation in customer service, and in its basic principle, rings true today. While some of the criticisms of this old adage are relevant (no – customers cannot abuse employees or other customers, and no – sometimes you simply can’t please everyone) – at its core, as a figurative motto this saying gets it right, since it puts your customer first.


In fact, in 2021 it’s more relevant than ever as CX becomes a key, competitive differentiator – and even a leading indicator of business growth. Long viewed as a cost enabler by many businesses, since the pandemic, customer service has been thrust into the spotlight, generating new consumer speak like “customer-centricity”, “customer obsession” and “customer intimacy”.


So how to tap into this old-made-new phenomenon of consumerism? For one thing, technology has exploded to the point that companies are modernizing their architecture and moving to the cloud. One of the biggest trends being seen is SaaS (software as a service), which effectively captures user benefits like extreme flexibility and the freedom from on-premise software development and maintenance. These new types of platforms allow companies to focus on core business activities, without the typical disruptions of in-house software maintenance. And let’s face it – disruptions can be the death of customer service, and as a result, CX.


Additionally, with true cloud capability, SaaS provides the ability to accelerate business transformation by generating confidence in a system that provides continuous innovation and delivery. Digital customer access has become an integral part of the post-pandemic consumer process, and as a key feature of the SaaS platform, makes it highly attractive to organizations looking to up their customer satisfaction quotient.


Additionally, BPO (outsourcing) companies can become a “secret weapon” of these same businesses. In the highly competitive field of customer service, CX has become a “long game” of sorts. Incorporating a robust suite of customer-centric outsourced services – such as those provided by industry leader Anexa – can make the difference in a company’s ability to elevate customer experience.


With a successful track record spanning twenty years, Anexa has emerged as the preferred customer service outsourcing company for American firms. We provide customized cloud software services to include VOIP administration, ACD inbound/outbound, SMS campaigns, call recording, dialer administrations (predictive and progressive), telespot campaigns, reporting, CRM and IVR. Specializing in bilingual services (English and Spanish), our skilled teams of agents take CX to the next level with a commitment to support your business processes as we would our own. Anexa can provide your company with the opportunity to create and sustain meaningful customer relationships that drive your brand, while allowing you to focus on the core activities that strengthen your operations.


For more information on how to link your KPI to a business process outsourcing partnership, reach out to Anexa.