Getting Closer to The Customer

The reports are in, and B2B trends for 2022 are all about a laser-like focus on the customer and improving CX. Furthermore, these B2B companies must prioritize supporting a digitally-framed CX that will allow them to meet demand, minimize disruption and create opportunities for growth.

First of all, let’s establish the fact that CX is no longer a component of business – it IS business. If “business” is the process of buying things, selling things and engaging with customers, CX is providing compelling experiences that make those customers want to engage with you, buy from you, and buy again. And no matter what your business model might be: B2B, B2C, D2C or B2B2C – your business is to sell products or services to people. But let’s focus on B2B.

In order to really get this right, you need input from your customers. Customer service is an inside job, and if B2B companies can move away from legacy operations and dig in with each customer digitally, they can be sure that their customer gets what they want and when they need it. So don’t assume that you know – ask your customers what they really want. Customer-centric changes within a business happen from the outside in. And here are some ways that leading companies are working to improve their customer experience.

Re-evaluate your KPIs: Sometimes these indicators inadvertently compete with each from product line to product line, or department to department. Think of these components as a group that shares milestones and communication.

Guided Selling: Unify your eternal, operational and customer data. Sometimes this can even involve publicly available data – it all helps to build a comprehensive profile of your customers and their interactions.

Powerful Customer Portals: When you add into the mix the data that customers are personally willing to share with you – their information and preferences – your sales teams can build rich customer relationships.

No More Silo: This business model will only impede your progress on the CX journey. The most successful organizations bring data together, share insight and work toward common goals.

Steady growth opportunities are available to B2B businesses that are willing to adopt the right approach to meeting buyer expectations – and they have never been higher. B2B sales can be a layered and nuanced interaction between buyer and seller, and at every step, the sales rep needs to know how to respond to move in a positive direction. One misstep can lose your buyer, or even introduce a competitor. Let’s let the facts speak: A September survey of 180 B2B companies found that organizations reporting a very “mature” level of customer-centricity experienced 2.5 x revenue growth over the last five years, as opposed to “immature” organizations.

Today, more than ever BPO outsourcing companies are taking center stage in the ultra-competitive world of CX. Anexa is one such industry leader. Our teams take each customer interaction very seriously whether in the B2B, B2C, D2C or B2B2C models. Anexa’s highly trained agents understand their critical role as the face – or voice – of your business and can authentically mirror your brand. We are committed to bringing your audience an above-average customer experience through our exacting hiring process, meticulous training and consistent upgrading.  We recognize that our role exceeds that of a business process outsourcing entity – we truly consider ourselves your valued business partner.

It’s important to remember that the process of crystal-clear communication ranks right at the top of the CX game, and that’s where Anexa prevails as well. Our brand care expertise extends to superior customer service in Spanish – considering the prevalence of Hispanic influence (today, the US is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world) – it only makes sense to recognize – and utilize – that demographic when structuring your operations.

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