Even In A Digital World, We Are Still Human

Today’s customer care requires businesses to manage more data than ever before. With customers engaging with their brands of choice via SMS, website, chats and social media, the transactions and interactions have become robust and countless. But across all industries, voice conversations still represent the majority of all incoming volume, and research indicates that the human touch is here to stay. Businesses that fail to analyze this critical type of communication run the risk of losing their audience altogether.

Some of the significant problems in accurately reading the direct voice of the customer are due to following random voice sampling methods, which only capture a small fraction of the interactions resulting in erroneous data. In addition, organizations that rely on legacy processing systems transcribing “speech to text” lose a great deal of the accuracy in the translation. Lastly, even when organizations attempt to turn accurate conversations into meaningful insights, they fail to yield measurable results.

Customer satisfaction-score improvements of 10% (along with increased sales) can be achieved when businesses incorporate digital tools that support natural-language-processing capabilities. Given the fact that voice communication is still such a significant component of the customer journey, it makes sense for businesses to maintain impeccable call center performance. This might involve expanded agent training, targeted coaching techniques, enhanced sound quality within the audio platform, improved diarization, better forecasting of staffing, incorporating empathy statements into all interactions, and improving self-serve options…the list is endless.

Businesses that can capture, extract, analyze and act on call center voice data can develop a deeper understanding of their audience, understand why their customers have called, and provide a better experience for them. Listening to front-line staff is a critically important part of this process – these are the individuals that face the customers and their requests or problems, and can recognize what improvements are required to better represent your brand.

Understanding that the call center – and the human touch that it implies – is still at the heart of the customer experience, there was never a better time to partner with a customer service outsourcing company like Anexa. With a deep pool of premium customer service specialists, Anexa supports businesses across all industries in the critical analysis and management of their customer base, allowing for highly personalized interactions through every step of the customer journey. Our agents embody true commitment to the customer experience. We also work within the premise that customer service is no longer a reactive business practice that simply puts out fires, but a dynamic and proactive outreach. With detailed analytics and insights that generate well-informed customer profiles, our teams are able to prevent issues, solve problems before the customer raises them, target sales and personalize responses when customers reach out. As an extra step, they can be issued the authority to make decisions based on an individual customer’s profile, needs and circumstance, thereby taking ownership of the interaction. In the call center support role, bilingual Anexa teams are able to integrate seamlessly with all of your company’s departments. Our customer care specialists are trained to embody the voice, the face, the language and the spirit of your business and your brand.

Check in with Anexa today to learn more about partnering with one of the best BPO companies in the market.