Ecommerce, CX and the ‘New Normal’ – BPO / Outsourcing Companies Support Brands

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It’s no longer a trend. Ecommerce has experienced a staggering five to ten years of growth acceleration over the past six months. As the pandemic imposed never-before-seen restrictions on companies across every sector, survival demanded action, resulting in creative, nimble and essential pivots in the ways that business is done. And as the world continues to emerge from the debilitating effects of COVID-19, one thing is abundantly clear: the siloed environments of sales, marketing, opps (other people’s platforms) and IT are over. Over the course of eighteen months, consumers have fundamentally changed. Ecommerce took centre stage, and those drastic innovations, along with the need for businesses to duplicate in-person shopping experiences as part of their customer experience, have created a new normal in consumerism.


In the interest of identifying, and capitalizing on these massive changes and 2021 ecommerce trends, there has never been a better time for brands and companies to include BPO (outsourcing) as part of their business model. Outsourcing your critically important customer-centric processes to a company that specializes in customer-centric service is a no-brainer. Here are some of the specific areas that can be enhanced and advanced through partnering with an established outsourcing pro like Anexa:


Personalization: The 2021 consumer is a sophisticated buyer who expects their preferences to be understood and catered to. Understanding your customer is key to your growth.


Service: Customer service is a term that is used loosely but cannot be taken lightly. Today’s customer expectations extend beyond the initial purchase. Without that important follow-up and same attention to care, businesses will have fewer customers to care for moving forward.


Omnichannel: The rules of engagement have changed, and data is king. Across ALL sectors and industries, consumer sales and brand loyalty increasingly rely on insights delivered through a robust, omnichannel presence.


Purpose: Companies need to stand for something. Consumers are looking for – and attracted to – purpose-driven mandates like sustainability, equality, eco-consciousness, zero testing etc.


CX: Star this one! Across every step of the consumer’s journey – from search, to comparison, to customer service and post-sales – the customer experience must be seamless, transparent and painless – even memorable.


Purchase / Delivery Options: The pandemic winners have been those businesses that implemented ‘click and collect’, curbside pickup and easy pay options – and these user-friendly processes are here to stay.


DTC: Another immediate result of pandemic shut-downs and lock downs was the shift to the direct-to-consumer sales model, resulting in these companies’ ability to personalize their brand, connect with their customers and leverage their content more effectively through the transactional journey.


Social Commerce: This one speaks for itself. By 2027, it’s projected that social commerce will account for $604 billion in sales.


So how can a BPO / outsourcing company like Anexa impact your company’s ability to harness this potential? Anexa is a veteran in the outsourcing industry, with an exceptionally skilled workforce of bilingual agents who recognize the importance of the 2021 ‘customer experience’ and specialize in delivering just that. Our specialists are trained to represent YOUR brand in an authentic, results-driven way. Anexa’s intake process is rigorous and standardized, ensuring that our employees bring your company its best chance for success, no matter which areas they manage – customer service, inbound and outbound sales, lead generation, tech support – they have your company’s back. And e-commerce? We were made for that.


Anexa was the proud recipient of the silver award for Best Operations Strategy at the 2021 Premio Nacional awarded by the IMT, was named as a finalist at the 2021 Customer Centricity World Series and has taken home both gold and bronze Stevie Awards at the 2020 International Business Awards. As well as personifying our customer-centric mandate, our agents’ familiarity with omnichannel solutions as well as back office, marketing and database processes truly ensure that you can partner with the best and maintain your focus where it needs to be: post-pandemic trends.