E-Commerce Is Innovating – And Customer Service Outsourcing Companies Play a Supporting Role

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The e-commerce invasion is not industry-specific – it has permeated every sector on the planet and created tremendous competition. The pressure to innovate has reinvented how – and where – commerce takes place and the way that customers are served. And those businesses that keep their eye on the future of commerce will be positioned for success.

This dynamic is equally applicable to the utilities industry, which – along with the rest of the business world – is transforming. Utilities-based companies are working to expand beyond the traditional portfolio of energy products, with customer service coming to the forefront as the fundamental component of success. We are also seeing innovation inside the telco industry – companies are moving into user-friendly, customer-centric models while offering new products and services such as device insurance combined with a new phone.

As with most other business sectors, the omnichannel approach is simply mandatory within the utility/telco industries. Today’s consumer expects the shopping experience to be enjoyable, transparent, intuitive, and personal, with the ability to purchase at their own pace and via the channel they are most comfortable with. And while self-service has long been a handy tool for energy and communication companies, it has largely lost its appeal for consumers whose products and service expectations have been exponentially elevated over the past two years. The self-service platform needs to be brought back to life for these companies to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

Turns out that 67% of customers prefer to access their own solutions – if the tools to do so are user-friendly and comprehensive. By allowing customers the ability to resolve issues independently instead of waiting for a company rep, everyone wins. That said, it’s important to recognize that consumer behavior has changed dramatically, with personal time becoming an increasingly important commodity. Today’s self-service options need to be easy to use, and feature-rich to the degree that they are presented as engagement portals. Offerings like bonuses, loyalty points, news components or even a “spin the wheel of fortune” mechanism can motivate customers to consistently log in to their accounts, creating opportunities to enrich customer/provider relationships.

Furthermore, the lines between utilities and telcos have blurred to the degree that we are finding some utility companies selling both energy and telecommunication contracts, closing the gap between the industries, and further heightening customer expectations These industries continue to redefine themselves, with the common thread across all changes being the critical importance of e-commerce.

Customer service outsourcing companies are perfectly positioned to support this paradigm, as at the end of the day and across all industries, the modern customer experience demands next-level service. And here’s where entrusting customer service activities to reputable outsourcing companies could move the needle on business growth. An outsourcing partner like industry leader Anexa can staff your critical customer service areas with dedicated, highly trained professionals who are experienced in omnichannel solutions. With an eye on aligning your customer with your brand and first contact resolution, there is clearly a reason that Anexa was named as a finalist in the 2021 Customer Centricity World Series!

Our customer-centric strategy is simple. We integrate technology, seamless processes, and human talent to achieve customized (and customerized!) interactions – depending on the type of customer, the product or service and your specific business objectives.

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