Customer Service Emerges Triumphant as the Single Determinant of Brand Success

In today’s digital age, customer service continues to shape the emerging business model and define success – particularly for B2B organizations, (and for good reason). While successfully meeting the needs of individual customers (B2C) can be an art form unto itself, servicing B2B customers tends to raise the stakes. This type of service is inherently more complicated to execute, as it involves groups of people and teams that operate out of various departments. Setbacks and unresolved issues can impact the entire organization. That said, these customers anticipate the same type of seamless, convenient experience that they have come to expect as individual consumers.

According to the Harvard Business Review, 78% of business leaders say that customer expectations have increased dramatically in just the past two years, while only 66% concede that they’ve made the appropriate changes to meet these expectations. Given the accelerated pace of digital transformation, it’s fair to conclude that many organizations are in danger of being left behind. And the range of necessary services includes everything from ultra-smooth support to no-problem problem-solving, to proactively ensuring that customers receive the utmost value.

In 2023, businesses cannot be too hyper-focused on customer service. It is the single most determining factor that supercharges revenues, reputation, and customer loyalty. Without those components, nothing else matters. And the digital revolution will continue to support this trend.  Another feature that continues to impact customer service is agility. Coming out of a global pandemic, the marketplace is facing unprecedented challenges that include inflation, fear of recession, global unrest and a fundamental shift in how economic transactions take place. This type of volatility calls for efficiency, scalability, and the capacity to react quickly to changes. Here again, technology is playing a big role in supporting this requirement.

Here’s where modern service platforms such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft bring great value. As the economic environment changes, savvy businesses are able to adjust rapidly, innovate quickly and maintain their market position. Their investment in onsite resources remains minimal. And the most effective, B2B customer service teams are organically connected to their company peers and teammates. With access to a consistent catalog of customer information that’s available to their sales counterparts, the company will benefit from a collaborative, seamless approach to problem-solving and proactive service. This 360-degree view of the customer puts everyone on the same page.

Another value-added tool that delivers unparalleled CX is a partnership with a customer service outsourcing company like Anexa. We can keep you at the forefront and turn your CX teams into profit centers for you. We hire the right people. At Anexa, onboarding carefully recruited new agents is only the first step. We believe that people are greater than process plus technology and continue to invest in our CX specialists so that you have the benefit of highly trained teams that care about your business and your customer at the same time.

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