Customer Experience Continues to Transform Business Processes

Obviously, CX is here to stay, and its connection with digital platforms and processes is everywhere. Buzz words like omnichannel, self-service and personalization have been shaping customer-centric business strategies for a decade. And even though these practices were transforming the customer journey, COVID-19 hit hard and essentially changed the way we do business. Post-pandemic, consumer trends and developments are emerging, and impacting the ways that organizations are doing business – especially when it comes to setting their CX policies. Let’s examine a few.

Customer patience has worn thin, and they are no longer willing to accept the effects of COVID-19 as an excuse for poor CX. In fact, prior to the crisis, more than half of consumers were dissatisfied with customer service, saying that their expectations weren’t being met. That data doesn’t look good for customer-centric businesses that had to deal with bricks-and-mortar lockdowns. Across the board, these organizations had to pivot sharply to retain any semblance of customer loyalty, as a global audience turned to digital platforms for the fulfillment of their purchasing needs. The businesses that were able to stay true to their customer promise were few and far between – at the end of the day, customer experience is anchored to customer service – and businesses that fail there, fail everywhere.

In fact, in July 2021, the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) determined that customer service complaints were the highest they had been since 2009, classifying the first half of that year as a failure in the customer service arena. And while some organizations blamed COVID, the consumers were no longer buying it. Customers expect to be rewarded for loyalty, made to feel special, and have any concerns addressed with speed, friendliness, and convenience. There are so many new brands out there – all vying for position – businesses need to be cognizant of how fluid and fleeting true customer loyalty can be. And while 86% of business leaders identify CX as a top growth factor, only 1 in 3 are prepared to fully embrace this strategy. But make no mistake – those that do will be part of the 2022 customer journey success story.

Another emerging trend is that customers expect to be seen – as individuals, with distinct lifestyles, preferences, and expectations. The lens needs to narrow even further when it comes to demographics, geography, behaviors, psychologies, social placements and more, by offering a never-before-seen level of personalization. Salesforce research indicates that if consumers are treated like a number instead of an individual, a full two-thirds of them will switch brands without looking back. Businesses need to be more data-ready than ever.

It has also become clear that while the digital transformation of business is relentless and inevitable, consumers are beginning to suffer from digital saturation. While their expectations are digitally-driven, they also expect human interaction and assistance – and this is a fine line for businesses to walk. It will require their digital processes to be seamless and intuitive, while being able to provide the human touch – and true empathy – when necessary. With customers anticipating a meaningful connection and satisfying outcome that can only come with a hybrid customer experience, businesses need to be next-level ready.

That’s exactly why – today more than ever – customer service outsourcing companies are taking center stage in the changing world of customer service. Anexa is one such industry leader. The Anexa team takes each customer interaction very seriously and, recognizing its critical role as the voice of your business, authentically mirrors your brand. We are committed to bringing your audience an exemplary customer experience through our exacting hiring process, meticulous training, and consistent upgrading.  We believe that our role exceeds business process outsourcing – we consider ourselves your valued business partner.

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