Are You in The Dark or Capturing Customer Feedback?

While much is being said about CX and how it’s the single most important element of consumerism in 2022, much less is being offered about the where’s and how’s of CX strategy. CX leaders tend to focus on structured data as a way of informing CX policies and determining the quality of customer experience. And while this is an accepted method of gathering customer insights, consumer opinions can be gathered from unsolicited and unstructured feedback – which can be one of the most reliable ways of taking your customers’ temperature. This type of feedback may be a bit more difficult to access and analyze, but at the end of the day, it can be a valuable resource – even if it is frequently overlooked.


Research indicates that when customers send feedback there are multiple intents. For 53%, they are providing direction as to how to improve the experience for them and other customers. The value in this 53% of a feedback group is enormous. If they request a solution to an issue, they are looking for direct action. If they send suggestions as to how to improve your service, they are providing you with valuable and actionable insights. The same research shows that 11% of customer feedback goes unseen – in other words, the customer never sent the feedback. This indicates feedback fatigue, and a dynamic where customers may feel it’s pointless to send feedback that no one reads.


To harness this value, CX specialists need to consider customer feedback as a critically important step of the customer journey. Nowhere else will they have access to such authentic opinions and be able to tap into opportunities to “get it right”. The dialogue that has been generated by these customers can become one of the most valuable resources an organization can utilize. These insights should be shared with their CX departments and VoC teams, in order to systematically close the feedback loop. It’s also important to remember that “feedback” tends to be closely related to “customer reviews”, which are incredibly impactful when it comes to acquiring new customers. In fact, research shows that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as their friends.


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